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Project profile

PROJECT NAME Bannaifan Project 4 The Northern Paradise
PROJECT OWNER Niyomphanich Real Estate Co. Ltd.
REGISTERED CAPITAL 440 million Baht (fully paid)
MANAGING DIRECTOR Khun Janejira Sakdatorn
PROJECT ARCHITECTS Khun Janejira Sakdatorn
B. ARCH (Honors), Chulalongkorn University
PROJECT ENGINEER Dr. Boonthep Nanekrangson
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER Dr. Apiwat Olanrattanachai
SANITARY ENGINEER Dr. Suporn Kuttathep
LOCATION Km. 13.459.533 on the provincial road number 1317, Chiangmai-Sankamphaeng-Onluay, Tumbol Chaechang, Amphur Sankamphaeng, Chiangmai, Thailand 50130
PROJECT SIZE Total land area of 233 rai 1 ngan 37 wah (373,348 Sq.M.).Total subdivision plot of 470 plots.

ROAD SYSTEM Main artery right of way is 20 meters wide with 16 meters traffic surface and raised footpath 2 meters wide at both sides of the road.
Secondary artery right of way is 16 meters wide with 12 meters traffic surface and raised footpath 2 meters wide at both sides of the road.
Branch road right of way is 12 and 11 meters wide with 8 and 7 meters traffic surface and raised footpath 2 meters wide at both sides of the road.
Trees are planted along both sides of all roads.
SEWER LINES AND WASTE TREATMENT Waste water is primarily treated in the plot by anaerobic treatment chamber. The sewer lines are laid along all roads leading to treatment ponds for aeration and disposal.
ELECTRICITY SYSTEM The electrical system is supplied to all plots, the work done by the Provincial Electrical Authority.
WATER SUPPLY The treated and sterilized artesian well water is used for primary water supply. The water is supplied through pipes from the elevated tanks to all plots. All pipes are laid along the road-side to conform with the installation standard from the Provincial Waterworks Authority. The main pipes to be connected with the public water supply are also provided for future use when public water supply is available.
PUBLIC SERVICES The 5 public areas approximately 25 rai 43 sq.wah (40172 sq.m.) in total are provided throughout the project. The primary school area is also provided.
SUBDIVISION PERMIT The Company filed for subdivision permit to the subdivision authority. The permit number 87/2543, 1/2545 and 2/2560 were granted on May 18, 2000 and April 19, 2002 and October 3, 2016, respectively. Bannaifan Clubhouse and all of its facilities, situated on the land size of 11 rai 2 ngan 2 sq.wah, are the property of Niyomphanich Real Estate Co. Ltd. and are not part of the common utilities.