Company Profile

     Niyomphanich Real Estate Company Limited has been established since January 1989. The company started the first housing project "Baannaifan 1" at Padad rd., Chiangmai in November 1989 on the land size of 50 rai 2 ngan 21 square wah. At the total plots of 139 plots, the company was able to close the project sales within a month. All plots and houses were transferred to the customers on the early year of 1991.

     In 1990, the company started it's second project "Baannaifan 2" at Tumbol Maehiea, Chiangmai. The land size was 91 rai 1 ngan 51.3 square wah. The total subdivision was 161 plots.The Baannaifan 2 project sales was closed in 1998.

     In 1995, the company continued it's 3rd project "Baannaifan 3" on the land adjacent to the second project at the size of 22 rai 92 square wah. The total subdivision was 79 plots. We also introduced the low-rise condominium, 5 storeys high, 25 units in this project. The sales was closed within 6 months.

     After 10 years of experience in housing and land development, the company is proud to present our new project "Baannaifan 4". This new project has been opened since January 1999 at Amphur Sankamphaneng, Chiangmai. The land size is 233 rai 1 ngan 37 square wah. The site is located in the area where we have carefully selected to ensure the best housing environment. It is our goal to create the ideal residential park for our prestigious customers who seek the most comforting living experience.